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Iranian Green Pistachio Company, registration number 14554, was registered in 2014 in the Companies Registration Organization in Tehran province. The company’s business activities in the field of export and import of all commercial goods were registered. Then, in order to develop and achieve the company’s business goals, in 2019, an industrial unit with the brand name (GREENTOP) was built in the field of processing and packing all kinds of pistachios, dried fruits, tea, dates, pickled cucumbers and first-class olives in Shkouhie Industrial Town, Qom Province

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A successful export marketing should include many things, one of the most important of which is the target market and the market situation. You must identify each of the market segments well and specify your goal in order to have a correct and principled sale. To attract customers, you need to make changes in many products. These changes should be in a way to attract more customers. When you want to price the goods, you should keep some other things in mind. There are many advertising methods that you should be familiar with. In order to have proper promotional activities, you must keep this in mind and act on it. There are many steps to succeed in the market that you better keep in mind. In this case, you can get a good profit from your export

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